In addition to the above, our office will also grant a letter of resignation in support of the UBO, so that the appointed director can be replaced at any time. Additional documents are issued to ensure authority over the new structure of the actual owner`s business, a nominee agreement is also provided to provide details of the agreement that relate to the designated director and UBO or the actual owner of a company. Professional appointments act as an alternative to the names of a company position holder. A nominee may be a company or a natural person The department of the nominative director is used to guarantee the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality, since the name of the director appears in the company documents, in each enterprise contract and finally in the company register of the court. Another advantage of using a nominated service is to firmly place the issue of “management and control” outside of great fiscal sovereignty. After the appointment of a designated director, a nominal service contract is signed between the client and the Nominee. It assures the client that the candidate can only act or sign documents at the client`s request and with the client`s prior consent. Our application form ensures that the new company is under the full control of the effective owner (UBO) and not the designated manager and that the owner assumes full legal responsibility for the new business. In a wide range of comparisons, a nominee is generally known or identified, as generally appointed directors can be easily identified as such and may be acceptable for many purposes. However, if your business needs a little more, either now or in your future plans, then you need to consider an expanded role for appointed directors. On the other hand, the designated shareholder is appointed to protect the actual owner of the company from being publicly associated with the ownership of that company.

When a designated shareholder is appointed, a nominal service contract (declaration of trust) is signed between the client and the Nominee. According to Panamanian lawyer Ismael Gerli, clients who have one or more structures, the creation of a new company with appointed directors is a positive way to ensure that their participation in a new company is not public space. The UBO owner or beneficiary will be considered the person with significant control, but his or her name will not be mentioned as a company director The person who is invited to sign a certificate of compensation should of course read the document and clarify all the provisions that he deems unclear. In exceptional cases, the company`s registration officer may revise his standard agreement, either to cover a particular risk highlighted in discussions with the buyer, or to remove a clause by which the person with whom the founder of the company is not satisfied. From the point of view of the person using the nominees, the limited liability that might exist by setting up a limited company may, in some cases, offer them protection. However, they remain subject to the same standards as those that exist if they were the director, secretary or actual designated shareholder of the company.