Residents` charities welcomed the move, but said the one-month deadline was too short. “This is a good step for the administration, but the registration period for the stamp section should be increased to at least three months. There are a lot of people who have given their properties for rent, but who live in other cities, so it may be a while before people sign up. For the rest, it is important to register for our own stamp duty security,” said NP Singh, President of FONRWA. Officials will also try to find out how many people have rented apartments or houses. “We will use our sources to identify those who live in different companies and rent colonies, but who have not yet registered their contracts with the stamp department,” Singh said. However, if a tenancy agreement is 11 months or less, a tenant is not required to register the document. Indeed, a tenancy agreement of a minimum amount of 12 months is subject to the laws on rent control, a lease is not 11 months. In such cases, however, the tenant would have to buy stamp papers worth 2% of the annual rent – which would amount to 2,200 billion euros if we consider that the monthly rent is 10 trillion.

We provide the fully developed lease to Noida, including the important terms and conditions. We provide a service at your door, in which what you need to do is provide us with your data by filling out the form (designed safely to collect your data), placing the order and we will quickly design your rental contract with the prescribed electronic stamp paper and deliver it to you on site. “We want to ensure that people who work or live on rental property are registered with the stamp service. Severe measures are being taken against those who do not respect the rules,” said District Judge BN Singh. Noida tenants with a one- to five-year lease must pay two percent of the average annual rent triple as stamp duty to register the document. Those whose contracts are 6-10 years old must pay two per cent of the average annual rent. For tenancy contracts between the ages of 11 and 20, tenants must pay a stamp duty of 2% of the average annual rent, or 2% of the average annual rent. For the registration of tenancy agreements beyond this period, the tenant must pay two per cent of the average annual rent of 6% of the average rent. Certification is not a record and should not be confused. Certification is merely a method of deterrence and proof that the document was indeed signed by the parties involved in the treaty. Non-notarized agreements are considered incidental to the courts only in the event of a dispute.

Make the lease by specifying the details in accordance with the requirement. Details can be detailed of both parties – tenants (details of all mature tenants and owner, details of the monthly rent and warranty of this property, date of agreement, blockage in the period, pet supplement and other conditions.