The Permanent Emperor and coalition negotiators reached a tentative agreement on 25 September, after nearly five months of active negotiations that began in April 2019. The agreement was ratified in October by union members at Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente is proud of its long history of work. A total of 40 trade unionists, who belong to 16 international trade unions, represent more than 160,000 workers of the emperor. In recent years, Kaiser Permanente has also entered into local and national agreements with unions outside the coalition, including: California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFSCME, UFCW, ETC (Steelworkers), IBT (Teamsters), Emperor Permanent Registered Nurse Anesthetists, IUOE, OFNHP, ILWU and UNITE HERE. In 1997, our unions and management negotiated a founding agreement on the employment service,” the Employment Service Partnership Agreement (LMP Agreement) initiated our laboratory management partnership. The PMT agreement is not a collective agreement that we extend every 3-5 years, but a broad and permanent explanation of our founding principles of LMP and our labour agreements. To date, this agreement has not been updated since 1997. Trossman said he was particularly pleased that the new employment contract would create a $130 million training fund to bring more health professionals to the sector. The safety of work and other trade union rights are preserved: it goes without saying that all our EU rights are fully respected and unchanged. The provisions of the 1997 agreement, which laid the foundation for our protection of job security, remained unchanged.

The agreement on job security and income security, which is a separate document, remains in force and remains unchanged. The votes follow an interim labour agreement reached earlier this month, which averted an unfair labour strike that reportedly began on 14 October. The seven-day strike would have involved a wide range of staff, eye opticians, X-ray technicians and licensed professional nurses, surgical technicians, phlebotomists and domestic workers. After months of aborted negotiations, the Permanent Emperor and more than 84,000 employees in California and the country have signed a new four-year contract. Organizational structures: the updated PMT agreement reflects the current common governing body (the LMP Strategic Group). It states that union members who are not covered by the agreement may participate in partnership activities that influence their work but cannot participate in the consensus decision-making process. There is an additional section that reflects the fact that there may be several trade union parties (alliance unions and perhaps other unions that are not part of the Alliance). We also reaffirmed Labour`s long-standing position, which was affirmed in our national treaty (the national agreement) that LMP is not co-management; As unions, we retain our independent voice and responsibility to our members. In a statement issued on Friday, November 1, Kaiser said the collective agreement with the emperor`s coalition of permanent unions will last until September 30, 2023.

It involves annual wage increases and the maintenance of workers` health and pension benefits, while creating a program to reduce the national shortage of health workers. A new four-year contract sets the Permanent Emperor for a sustainable future All votes must be ratified by Saturday, the new treaty expires on September 30, 2023. The agreement will state that the new “Behaviour and Expectations” section contains a balanced approach to expectations for both management and work. It states that the parties must be respectful and build relationships on the basis of honesty and trust; The parties respect each other`s representatives and contracts/agreements; We are committed to implementing contractual procedures to enforce and improve our national partnership agreements to resolve problems more fairly and quickly; Parties will not participate in laws, election initiatives that specifically address another member of the partnership, or engage in behaviour