Informal questions about the position can be directed to Dr Damiana Pieragostino ( Applications must include a CV (please use the Europass model: europass.cedefop, end-of-exam notes, a cover letter (up to one page) outlining your research career goals, skills and experience, as well as two letters of recommendation. Please email your applications (only in the PDF section) to Dr. Damiana Pieragostino ( Please include the name of the project and the reference number “PMSMatTrain-ESR 12” in the subject of the application by e-mail. The D`Annunzio university library system consists of specialized and interdisciplinary libraries as well as library funding for the Chieti and Pescara sites. The collection covers almost all disciplines and includes a wide range of formats, from books and magazines to manuscripts and maps. Collections are increasingly digital and accessible on the internet via the library website or library catalogue. The university library system also has subscriptions to a series of online databases available from any student account on or off campus. [40] There are also several specialized libraries and archives. [41] For more information on research and work at the UdA, see: The Apprenticeship Agreement contains a list of courses that students wish to study at the University of Alicante. Only if the apprenticeship agreement is approved online by the AU Academic Coordinator, A PDF Learning Agreement with an electronic and digital signature can be generated by the UACloud virtual campus: exchangers can find and view their online learning agreement in their UACloud virtual campus, but they can only fill out and modify it for certain periods: the following year, the D`Annunzio University Foundation was opened and the official opening of the Research Center for seniors in the presence of Minister Letizia Moratti. [21] In 2004, the Centre was recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council with special council status.

[23] The university then funded and promoted Leonardo da Vinci University, headquartered in Torrevecchia Teatina, which was recognized in 2004. [24] It forms the online campus of D`Annunzio University and provides its services exclusively online. After the adoption of the Gelmini reform in 2012, all faculties were replaced by thirteen departments organized in two schools. [25] 20Repository/1612009 Students must complete their online learning contract via the AU virtual campus, As explained in the LA guide, students will find more information about the various courses they have included online in their learning convention on the Education Guide website. See the course information guide. _nfpb-true-_pageLabel-books_desktop%20ateneo_PaginaContenutoDetail_page/BEA%20Repository/ relazioni_internazionali 761471111 by link “Erasmus Incoming Students” (bottom right) La nuova versione della piattaforma Online Learning Agreement (OLA) é stata rilasciata ed é ora availability e a portata di mano della Generazione Erasmus, come parte integrante process delo di digitalizzazione del programma Erasmus.