Ideally, tenants should write and sign a standard roommate contract at the beginning of a lease that covers all bases: who owes what, how that payment is made, and what happens is that someone doesn`t pay or wants to move, according to Seth Miller, a landlord and tenant lawyer in New York. If you can get something in writing now, it`s not too late; there are free models online. Miller also recommends consulting a lawyer to make sure that what you create gives obligations and consequences. In addition, this section must include what is the late tax, and how many days the tenant has after that the rent is due before it is applied to the total rent that is due. If several roommates are in the unit, the rent amount should be broken down according to the percentage of the space they rent. The ventilation should not have a common space, as everyone will use it. If the unit has three bedrooms, but one is only 200 square meters, while the other two are 400 square meters, the person with the smaller room should pay less than people with larger rooms. In this example, the tenant would have to pay 20 percent in the room with only 200 square meters, while the other two roommates would have to pay 40 percent per room of the total rent. “I`ve been living in New York for 10 years,” says Gabrielaa.

“I don`t feel safe to move right now. I really love this apartment, I don`t want to let it go, and then the management turns it into a loft worth $5,000. Her idea was to pay what she can now, and then replace her roommates in July, when the pandemic can soothe and move becomes more feasible. The plan has almost met, with one detail: the owner has added in the contract that arrives July, Gabrielaa must move. She is currently consulting with a lawyer and the tenants` association in her building to find her best options. When renting an apartment in Up,`s new York State, you can usually accommodate roommates without having to include them in the rental agreement, or even get your landlord`s approval. This is due to the illegal restrictions favorable to tenants of the Occupation Act, commonly known as “Roommate Law”. In addition, the Law on Roommates applies not only to relatives, but also to non-parents such as a friend or friend.

11. NEW CHAMBRES: Additional new roommates can only move in with the written permission of all other roommates and the owner. “These agreements on issues such as budget management are legally unenforceable,” Portman said. But the rent conditions are. “You could take this written agreement signed in the small claims court and say, “Look, this is our contract.”” As a general rule, you should hire a lawyer to design a roommate contract. Some Realtors in New York risk their broker`s license and practice “unauthorized practice of law” by building roommate contracts. However, for your protection, you pay a lawyer a few hundred dollars to design a roommate agreement for you. Remember to pay a lawyer for 200-400 dollars now, you could save thousands of dollars later if you ever have one of your roommates to sue. According to Shapiro, negotiating a modified payment plan or lease with your landlord is another option. Just make sure that the terms are written and signed – even if it is only an email response that confirms the agreement – and that you are able to meet the financial conditions. “What we`re hearing is that the owners are offering offers that people can`t afford,” Shapiro says. “They say, `Oh, we`re going to take 10% rent` or `Okay, don`t pay rent this month, but in two months, you owe twice as much.` But some tenants can`t afford it, so it`s no wiser to write it down.

“One of the most important things for roommates is that if you`re on the lease, you`re responsible for rent,” says Andrea Shapiro, program director and member organizer at the Met Council on Housing.