3. Safety information is discussed at conferences and in the laboratory. I understand that additional security information can be obtained in /content/chemistry-department-safety and that I am responsible for verification and compliance with the content. In addition, I am aware that I am subject to all its provisions, whether or not I have chosen to read and understand them. 8. I understand that my behaviour in the laboratory is governed by the university`s integrity code. If I don`t follow the chemistry department`s safety rules and rules, my expulsion from the lab may have the effect of doing so. 1. I was provided with goggles with polycarbonate (or equivalent) lenses and a laboratory apron.

These objects are carried in the laboratory at all times. 2. I know the location and proper operation of laboratory safety devices, including, but not only: fire alarms, safety showers, eye washes, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. By clicking on the box, I confirm that I have been alerted and that I am subject to the above explanations, and I agree to respect all security policies and procedures. After clicking “I agree,” the form is filed and you will be redirected to the chemistry department`s security page. To sign the required laboratory safety agreement (online copy), select your instructor below: We start the first day, so be ready to start. I look forward to working with all of you! Dr. J We will NOT use the online homework site, OWL for this course, so you don`t need to buy a passcode. Please note that I only reply to emails through my email address on the website, so for any communication, please use drjez@uco.drjez.com. This course will move at a very fast pace and we will start from day one. You know you have to be registered in the lab at the same time, and it`s a combined course.

You need a lab manual from day one. This will be provided for this experience. The UCO Department of Chemistry`s mission is to provide students with a solid foundation in chemistry theory and application and to transmit good laboratory practices, critical thinking and communication skills so that students can become productive, ethical and engaged professionals in chemistry or related fields.