Today, the period of recession of the economy is over and we can see growth in several sectors, including industry and agriculture, and we are faced with the common goal of creating long-term sustainable growth and putting the economy in general on a positive trajectory and, in principle, increasing the real wages of our citizens. There is no doubt that today`s signing of the three-year trilateral agreement is an important step in our efforts to promote social partnership in the country. I would like to underline what the President said when he said that this critical political decision, and of course an economic one, has been taken for years. As of 1 May, the monthly minimum wage is equated with the living wage, which is clearly a big step towards proving poverty. I firmly believe that the goals set today, namely that a worker will not live in poverty by the early 2020s, can be achieved. I hope that our colleagues in the Duma will immediately adopt the necessary legislative amendments. As I have already said, we must ensure the growth of real incomes and real wages for our people. This concerns both the public sector, in which the government has worked consistently to achieve this goal, and the commercial sector, because the competitiveness of our companies and their sustainable and forward-looking development depend directly on the creation of conditions for workers` self-realization and investments in their education, health, their skills and quality of life. As you have pointed out today, one of the main objectives of the social partnership between the government, employers and trade unions is to ensure that the Russian economy is competitive and that Russia is competitive not only as an economy, but also as a jurisdiction and as a state, that its workers and citizens are competitive. We are working on it. I hope that the new three-year framework agreement reflects the commitment of the parties to move in this direction. We have reached many compromises in our discussions on a new general agreement. We have reached a new level of coordination of our actions.

One of these coordinated decisions is an agreement on the need to recognise the social investments of companies in the interests of regions, municipalities, workers and the State as a whole. Improving profitability through the development of work potential is a global task that requires close links between society, the economy and the state and their willingness to balance their interests. I hope that the new general agreement will provide a reference point for the search for this balance and that the implementation of this agreement by all parties, including employers, trade unions and the government, will be a positive example of reliable social partnership. The rewards open up the minimum conditions of employment and serve as a safety net. Agreements are collective agreements that set out other conditions of employment and rights for certain workers and their employers. The agreement sets out the principles for the regulation of industrial, labour and related economic relations at the federal level for the next three years. .