Do not use a general reference such as “Every year”, “All periods” or “All taxes”. Any tax information authorization with a general reference is returned. Enter your name, TIN and address in the field provided. Do not enter the name or addresses of your agent in the Taxpayer Information field. If it is a group return, the identified agents are only allowed for you. Your spouse or former spouse must file a separate Form 8821 to designate an appointee. Use Form 56, Fiduciary Relationship Note to inform the IRS of the existence of a fiduciary relationship. A trustee (trustee, executor, trustee, liquidator or guardian) is in the position of a taxable person and acts as a taxpayer and not as a representative. A mandatary may authorize a natural person to represent or perform certain acts on behalf of nature or organization by submitting a power of attorney in which the authorized person(s) are designated as representatives of the nature or organization. Since the representative is in the position of the natural or legal person, the representative must sign the power of attorney on behalf of the natural or legal person.

Requests for information on the following forms: Typically, the IRS covers all tax information authorizations in the CAF system. However, permissions for certain issues or questions are not saved. Check the box on line 4 if Form 8821 is submitted for a specific use that the IRS does not indicate in the FCA. Examples of specific uses that have not been recorded are: Your delegate does not have the right to use an intermediary service provider to indirectly retrieve your confidential tax information from the IRS, unless you enable the checkbox in line 3. If you do not authorize the use of an intermediary service provider, your delegate can receive your tax information directly from the IRS using the irs e-Services Transcript delivery system. Requests for disclosure of information to credit companies or educational institutions. Authorization to access electronic IRS data records through intermediary service providers. If you wish to withdraw a prior tax information authorisation without submitting a new authorisation, write “REVOKE” on the beginning of the specific authorisation you wish to revoke. Provide a current tax identification signature and a date below the original signature shown on line 7. A TIN is used to confirm the identity of a taxable person and to identify the information relating to the taxable person`s declaration and return. It is important that you have provided your correct name, Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and/or Employer Identification Number (UN). Form 8821 does not authorize your attorney to speak on your behalf.

to execute a request to enable the disclosure of return or return information to other third parties; to defend your position with respect to federal tax laws; to enforce waivers, consents, graduation agreements; or otherwise represent you before the IRS. Use Form 2848, power of attorney, and representative statement to authorize someone to represent you before the IRS….