However, if the agreement does not provide for a change in circumstances, the agreement will continue to be applied in accordance with its terms until its end or end. On February 1, 2020, Rodney moved into Donna`s full-time guard. Josh is no longer a licensed guardian of Rodney`s child, so the deal is suspended. Donna doesn`t pay Josh $200 a week during this shutdown period. Family allowances are paid according to the administrative assessment, so Josh is obliged to provide Donna with $40 a week for the rodney child. Example 2: Vahagn and Livia have a limited subsistence contract for the children with regard to the child Arti. The terms of Arti`s support change and a new fictitious assessment will be issued, which deviates by more than 15% from the previous fictitious assessment. The agreement does not indicate that the child maintenance rate to be paid under the agreement will be changed if child care plans are changed. The circumstances are therefore not taken into account by the agreement and the contract can be terminated. On August 15, 2019, Jimi and Teresinha move 50% around Branka. The agreement is still in effect with the requirement that Jimi Teresinha must pay $50 per week (although Jimi now has 50% of Branka`s care).

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