Scholarships are awarded at the level of the third year or postgraduate and cover expenses related to research and teaching. They can cover tuition fees and provide teaching scholarships, research scholarships or funds for travel, living or research expenses – or a combination of these. Fund agreements should clearly specify the use of the scholarship fund. Contact the Office of General Councel (OGC) for any request to negotiate the terms of this Agreement, with the exception of Section 6 Insurance, please contact Risk Management. Departments do not sign the PSO. After receiving a Summary Sheet (DSS), we help you with creation, verification, negotiation and execution. Even if an agreement is reached in respect of only one area (e.g.B. PI, University, Institute), this is ultimately an academic agreement and should only be signed by a plenipotentiary official of the university. Download the Gift Agreement template for talent as a Word document. Several university departments also have different standard form contracts (or contract templates) for use by faculty and staff. We have provided templates for several model sponsored project agreements that must be directed through the use of sponsored project agents: a scholarship fund can benefit students throughout the university or be aimed at students at a particular school or educational institution. Remember that less restrictive criteria facilitate the choice of beneficiaries and help ensure that the scholarship can be awarded in the long term. Donors should be encouraged to declare their restrictions as “preferences”.

Preferences include: the financial clause in paragraph 2 and the alternative use clause in paragraph 4 are standard inclusions in any fund agreement at Boston University. The alternative clause language does not give the university an “out” to use the fund as it wishes. It provides for future flexibility – if, for example, the BU ceases to offer a programme or major defined in the agreement – while committing the university to respect the donor`s overall intentions and objectives when establishing the Fund. The following model contracts can be downloaded below. Many of the university`s activities include an element of contracts with organizations and institutions outside the university. It is important that contracts are developed and managed in a way that maximizes benefits to the university, minimizes unintended consequences, and enables the university to fulfill its contractual, legal, ethical and regulatory obligations. Necessary if a potential independent contractor is a non-natural person or if the checklist (above) has established that the person is an independent contractor. .

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