Now that you know what the rental rental discount is, check out its functions and benefits – below is the rental discount discount discount rate, fees and rental fees – property owners who opt for the rental rent remittance facility to benefit from rent-lending and valuation of the property received are required to meet certain conditions. The basic criteria for the remittance of the rented rents that you must fulfill for this loan are as follows: the Bank will ask you to provide, in addition to the duly completed application form, the basic DEC documents (Know Your Customer) such as proof of address and proof of identity. The lender will also insist on proof to determine your ability to repay. For employees, Form 16 is sufficient if the income tax return (ITR) is not available. We understand that this type of loan is not yet very popular and that few people know that their real estate can not only bring them rental income, but also help them get a loan. With this article from us, we will try to shed more light on the procedures related to applying for a loan against a lease, admission criteria and everything you need to know about using a loan against a rental agreement. Many of the loans granted by banks or financial institutions are related to such a purpose that a mortgage can only be used for the purchase of a house/or land, or a 4-wheeler must be purchased with a car loan or educational loan can only be used for higher education purposes.